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Purpose of Award

To provide funding for educational projects that seek to improve resident and/or medical student emergency medicine education in NYC. This grant seeks to promote the development of innovative and effective methods of education. Projects should have the potential to be expanded to benefit residents from all over NYC.


Grants will be available to any resident training at a residency that participates in AllNYC EM.

Application Process

Please complete the following form for all project information. Please submit a copy of your curriculum vitae and a letter of support from a faculty member within your residency program to: allnycem@gmail.com

Selection Criteria

The proposed project must be consistent with AllNYC EM objectives. Educational Projects that are innovative or evaluate impact of an intervention will be considered strongly. The AllNYC EM Grant Committee will review all proposals and will select recipients based on the perceived importance and possible impact of the project.

Grant Categories

Grants may be submitted under the following categories- Educational Research, Educational Conference, FOAM Content Development, or Wellness/Resilience Project.


Up to three awards of $1000-5000 per grant will be awarded each cycle. Award amount will be determined based on the proposed budget along with the educational value of the project.

Application Deadline

Proposals may be submitted throughout the year. We will review proposals quarterly in January, March, June and September. Deadlines for each quarter are: December 31, February 28, May 30, August 31.

Award date

We will respond to grants quarterly by February 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.


ALLNYCEM must receive appropriate acknowledgement for its support of the project.

Award winners must submit a 6-month progress report to ALLNYCEM, a 1-year project summary to ALLNYCEM, an abstract to CORD following completion of their project, an attendance list (for events), and an itemized list of all expenses.

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1. Submission of attendance list (if applicable) 2. Itemized list of expenses 3. 6-month progress report to AllNYC EM 4. 1 year project summary to AllNYC EM 5. An abstract to CORD following completion of project
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